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The Milan Expo 2015 “Nourishing the Planet, Energy for Life” is the largest event ever on eating and nutrition that Italy and the city of Milan have the honour to host from May 1st until October 31st 2015. During the six months of the Universal Expo, Milan will turn into a global showcase where many countries will show off the best of their technologies with the aim of providing a tangible answer to a vital need that concerns everyone: being able to guarantee healthy and safe food in sufficient quantities for all nations, while respecting the Planet and its balances.

The display area will be huge. 1.1 million square metres will accommodate more than 140 countries and international organisations, with over 20 million visitors expected.

The Milan Expo 2015 will be an important platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions on the topic of food , and this sharing is sure to stimulate the creativity of the different countries and will provide an incentive for promoting innovations aimed at a sustainable future.

The Milan Expo 2015 will offer all its visitors the chance to find out about and taste the world´s best dishes and to discover the excellent products of the food processing and gastronomic tradition of each country.

For the entire duration of the Universal Expo, the entire city of Milan, not just the Expo area, will be enlivened by artistic and musical events, conferences, shows, creative workshops and art exhibitions in order to entertain the welcome guests coming from all over the world.