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Milan Fashion

Milan, fashion capital, welcomes the famous Fashion Week that takes place twice a year. Glamorous items of clothing created by the world´s famous fashion designers will be modelled nonstop at all hours of the day. The event featuring the spring/summer fashion shows is held in September/October, while the Fall/Winter fashion shows are held in February/March of each year.

The collections presented during the shows pertain to the following seasons, organised plenty in advance and with hectic precision so as to allow production of the clothes, purchase by the sellers and, most of all, so that they can be showed off at the right time by those who appreciate the value of each item.

The events dedicated to Women´s Fashion are the high point of Fashion Week and, in particular, "Womenswear", "Milan SS Women Ready to Wear" and "Milano Moda Donna" are themost important fashion shows. The events dedicated to Men´s Fashion are "Menswear" and "Milano Moda Uomo".